Intense Pulsed Light Treatments – Are They for You?

Beautiful Results - IPL used to treat freckles and brown spots

Intense pulsed light treatments, also referred to as IPL, are based on high-intensity pulses of light that penetrate the skin using a broad-spectrum light that filters out unwanted wavelengths as a means of treating a wide variety of skin conditions. IPL is a non-invasive, and relatively painless, treatment.  Compared to other procedures like laser skin […]

Acne Scars


Frequently Asked Questions About Acne Scars   Will my scars get worse without treatment? Acne scars will not get worse without treatment.  However, if active acne is still present, and no action is taken to treat the condition, then scars will continue to form. What is the best way to prevent scarring from acne? First, […]